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Letter to the Reader, Special Issue

Issue 13

In 2008, my life changed when I married my husband Graham. Together, we began to grow our own garden of dreams. Our first seed was Visura Magazine, which features personal projects by individuals worldwide, mostly photographers. Visura became a product of love at a time when the world was facing an economic crash and a war. As a result, we received hundreds of emails from students, alumni, and emerging photographers and individuals from all professions, who were just like us, seeking inspiration, opportunity, and a sign of hope.

Letter to the Reader, Issue 12

Issue 12

It has been more than six months since I published an issue of Visura Magazine. It has been a while. I have been soul searching, I guess, and I have distanced myself from everyone, including Visura. During the time, I was happy to learn that this platform has reached one million articles read since January 2009. Naturally, this made me reflect on the future of Visura.

Letter to the reader, Issue 11

Issue 11

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion. —Buddha In Memory of Lynn Redgrave. I hope you enjoy this new issue. Poco a poco y sin nada de alboroto, Adriana Teresa, Publisher

Letter to the reader, Issue 10

Issue 10

There are days when you feel a sense of spiritual entrapment that pervades your entire being. During these times, it seems as if there is no open door. Although you see possibilities, you cannot recognize them as opportunities. Instead, the obvious solution becomes the only answer, and it tends to be the one unattainable fix.

Letter to the Reader, Issue 9

Issue 09

[...] To breathe. I forget sometimes what it's like to breathe. Overwhelmed by my sense of sight I am consumed by shapes, movements, light and shadows. Then I remember to breathe and let go of all that I cannot control. Remember that we are just parts of a whole, indispensable if embodied, or simply passing by. Either way, I imagine it's alright. So, do we have a choice? Is change of the self truly possible? Or are we doomed to fight for a dream that slowly fades away with time?

Guest Intro by Frank Evers

Issue 08

In the face of dramatic changes in modern communication, INSTITUTE was formed to support its visual artists in a comprehensive and synergistic manner, with the simple goal of bringing their work to the widest possible audience. In gathering these storytellers together under one roof, I have acted purely on an intuitive level, attracted primarily to the strength of their work, to the intelligence and ideas underlying that work, and the resulting impact on the viewer.

Letter to the Reader, Issue 7

Issue 07

For eleven months I have been inviting artists from all over the world—some known, others emerging or students—to collaborate with Visura Magazine. I invited each artist based on a silent connection I felt to his or her work. Nothing more, nothing less.

Guest Intro by Hossein Farmani

Issue 06

Like most of you, I am passionate about photography—the art form that is for me, the very highest means of communication. As a student of photography, I learned to appreciate the art of image making at an early age. The love of photography helped change my world views and broadened my horizons.

Letter to the Reader, Issue V

Issue V

I do not remember the last time I woke up and remembered a dream. I rarely dream when I sleep, and, if I do, I rarely remember them. Most of my dreaming happens while I am awake.

Letter to the Reader, Issue 4

Issue 04

A few months ago, my mother joined the statistics of single divorced mothers who lost their homes due to foreclosure. Initially, I was very upset with her for not telling me she was in a bad economic situation and for allowing it to get to this point. I kept asking both my mom and myself "when did it go wrong? Why didn't you tell me?” My mother quietly cried, unable to answer these questions.

Guest Intro by Daniel Power

Issue 03

The photography book is a decaying carcass as we know it, ready for the carrion cleaners. Perhaps not the physical object, but its traditional and historical means of production, its Marxian raison d’être. We, not as bookmakers but as book publishers, are dying off. Good riddance.

Letter to the Reader, Issue 2

Issue 02

I want to thank you for the overwhelming response and support we have received since our first launch on January 16th. I believe that creating a platform in which artists can both exhibit and write about their own work and process is a significant change in the art world today. The fact that you have supported this change is a sign that the art world needs to reflect on the value, importance and representation of art. If art is not a voice of the people, both individually and as a collective - then what is art?

Letter to the Reader, Issue 1

Issue 01

There are times in life when a group of individuals decide to get together and work on a project they believe in. Visura Magazine is just that and we bring it to you in a time of change and possibility.
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