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I want to thank you for the overwhelming response and support we have received since our first launch on January 16th. I believe that creating a platform in which artists can both exhibit and write about their own work and process is a significant change in the art world today. The fact that you have supported this change is a sign that the art world needs to reflect on the value, importance and representation of art. If art is not a voice of the people, both individually and as a collective – then what is art?

Our belief is that it is the union between the Artist, the Artwork, and the Viewer that creates the possibility for change. It is through this unity that a true movement and impact can be created.

I believe in art. It represent the artist’s voice and it can stand for yours as well. As visual communicators, we have the ability to speak on our own behalf and many times on the behalf of those who are not being heard.

Visura thanks you. We hope that you continue enjoying this magazine. Issue II is dedicated to you, The Reader, for supporting a new independent project that is filled with hope and the belief in change!

I leave you with a quote that a dear friend and mentor recently shared with me:

“A person is only as big as the dream they dare to lead.” —Unknown

As my grandfather always said, “poco a poco sin nada de alboroto” (little by little and without making a fuss).

Until next time, enjoy!

Adriana Teresa
President & co-Founder
FotoVisura & Visura Magazine

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