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“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Like most of you, I am passionate about photography—the art form that is for me, the very highest means of communication. As a student of photography, I learned to appreciate the art of image making at an early age. The love of photography helped change my world views and broadened my horizons.

I have always hoped to share both what I have learned and my love of the medium with the rest of the world. The creation of the IPA and the Lucie Awards—an annual event honoring excellence in photography—has helped make that dream possible.

It has been a goal of mine to inspire people to pick up a camera, shoot and share images, to connect ideas, gain understanding, and realize just how much each and every one of us have in common. It is also a fantastic way to bring global attention to global issues and struggles—to share pains and cheers.

Photography had been creating global awareness of turmoil, atrocity, poverty, injustice and victory long before those issues were known as such. After seeing an image, no one can claim he or she does not know about a situation. It is always there—in the photograph.

I hope that there will soon be a festival of photography in every corner of globe. We at the Lucie Foundation are committed to bringing this art form to people worldwide, and making these Masters of Photography household names. We are united in supporting efforts to promote photography.

I look forward to having you write to the Lucie Foundation with your own ideas and proposals for projects. Together, we can give this medium we all love its deserved and proper place in the world.

Thanks to Adriana Teresa for giving me this platform to share my ideas with you.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Hossein Farmani
Founder, Chairman and President
Lucie Awards and International Photography Awards

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