Editor's note: Visura Magazine was last published in 2013. Visit Visura.co for our latest initiatives.

There are times in life when a group of individuals decide to get together and work on a project they believe in. Visura Magazine is just that and we bring it to you in a time of change and possibility.

As publisher, I am proud to introduce Visura Magazine and the dedicated young individuals who have given it life. If this team were a classic Puerto Rican dish, Zoë Calman would be the beans, Graham Letorney the rice, and I the plantain. While the beans and rice provide the foundation, I like to think that as plantain, my role is to enhance the flavor of this publication. However, what is most important are the talented artists we share with you in this initial issue, all of whom are contributing their work out of their personal belief in this project. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Issue I maintains one core value: the importance of a platform in which artists can share their work both visually and in writing. Everything you will find here derives from the lives and experiences of the artists. These are our voices. No restrictions, no critics, and definitely no censorship.

Although my Latin instinct could very well take over this speech, making it one very “kilometric” letter filled with morals, the Laws of Moses, and a tsunami of fervor, I write to you with the simple, yet passionate belief that we are bringing you something powerful. Therefore I leave you with just one note:

Nothing is built on stone; all is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone. —Jorge Luis Borges

Please take your time to observe, read and absorb. There is no hurry in life and every moment counts. If you are going to dive in, then by all means submerge yourself. As my grandfather always said, “poco a poco y sin nada de alboroto” (little by little and without making a fuss).

Until next time, enjoy!

Adriana Teresa
Publisher & Co-founder
Visura Magazine / FotoVisura

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