LARRY FINK | Apple Of My Eye

Issue 13

"You are the apple of my eye. Enjoy this picture and its carnivorous love." - Larry Fink

LARRY FINK | The Goose Slaughter

FAMILY VALUES hath killed the goose: a short noose, an ax, and a spasm, suggesting surrealism or expressionism. However, one must remember, art comes from life. What we see and how we see is the fluttering of the outside reality: the associative and perceptual layering from the experience of the inside eye.

LARRY FINK | Nature of Impossibility

Issue 12

When I first began to use electric flash, I found that it was faster than my eye. Each moment became a fresh discovery. With the point and shoot, no matter how fast it is, it is slow compared to my impulse and perceptions.


Issue 12

Now that the Oscar parties have gone for this season and that the atmosphere hath born such devastating storms within the heartland, it may give some small comfort to attend, at least in pictures, the grand stand illusions of what has past. Lets start with an elegant black hand providing service in between the valley of pinstripe diagonals…This image is from the book The Vanities published by Schirmer Mosel.


Issue 11

THIS IS A PICTURE OF A BOY who was deeply burned in a fire, he had completed 17 skin and face graft operations. At the time of the accident his identity was removed, but with the help of science and compassion, layer after layer of identity was redeemed, until finally he was able to see himself again.

LARRY FINK | Biography

LARRY FINK | The Beats

Issue 07

Imagine the years, which have passed between these pictures and now. Here I am, graying, experienced, with hope and strain and some fame; with the Octopus, its social tentacles flailing around themselves; the adult that I am, as convoluted as any adult is…through long streets of gain and short bursts of pain. How many cows can one milk in a day?
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