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FAMILY VALUES hath killed the goose: a short noose, an ax, and a spasm, suggesting surrealism or expressionism. However, one must remember, art comes from life. What we see and how we see is the fluttering of the outside reality: the associative and perceptual layering from the experience of the inside eye.

The family are my friends. They live 1/2 off the grid by producing their own food and selling some to others.

This was the common family slaughter, each month or so; or as the birds suggest, by the terms of their efficiency (egg laying). The whole family gets together and works hard at killing, plucking, and freezing the birds…

I am, thankfully, the official slaughter photographer. We reap with our eyes, degrees of curiosity, and / or for some, horror…

…and not to mention the 17th century Northern European paintings of the fete and the feast.


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