Issue 01

Harlem, election night, 2008




Issue 01


Suzanne Opton
Ananké Asseff
Jeff Jacobson
Soledad Gaztambide
Hamid Rahmanian
Cesare Begogne
Fanny Griffiths Ferrato
Lisa Elmaleh
Amy Elkins
Alinka Echeverría
Naho Kubota
Jing Quek
Omar Gamez
Vane Russo
Sam Barzilay
Graham Letorney

SUZANNE OPTON | Soldier + Citizen

Issue 01

The Soldier photographs take a serious look at the faces of active-duty American soldiers and consider the impact of war on their lives and the lives of those dear to them. Soldiers are traditionally portrayed as heroic and of course that is what we want them to be, but in making these photographs, I wanted to look beyond the heroics, the glamour, and bravado of the military. I wanted to present a quiet look at the individual behind the uniform.

ANANKÉ ASSEFF | Banal Crimes

Issue 01

To live with a sensation of permanent insecurity in a social environment where values are being undermined by arbitrary violence; to come to feel that our own identity is the cause of our vulnerability, that one’s sensation is multiplied indiscriminately… Starting with the 2000-2001 economic and institutional crises in Argentina we began to experience a daily sensation of insecurity and violence in society.

NAHO KUBOTA | Unrevealed

Issue 01

The photographic series "Unrevealed" transforms an unknown organic object into an abstract color patch. The photographs are titled respectively after the prominent primary color in each image. Through this series, the viewers can avoid the process by which they unconsciously associate an image or an object with something already familiar. The images allow the viewers to think about their personal thoughts, such as memory, rather than compelling them to identify the subject of each photograph. By portraying something ordinary as something unfamiliar, the images can change people’s perceptions of what is real.

ALINKA ECHEVERRÍA | The Lightness of Being

Issue 01

I am primarily interested in water as an environment and how visual language takes on new significance in the space created by a body of water. Synchronized swimmers enter a silent world of orbital motion, a realm devoid of air and gravity, and make it theirs. In this womb-like environment, heavy bodies become weightless and everyday burdens evaporate. Navigating the water in synchronicity is a sensory experience based on memory and silent language. Individuals breathe together, move together, and become each other's support in the human structures they create but will never see. As the sole underwater spectator, the ceremonies of ritualistic practices became for me a tableau vivant rich in symbolism.

AMY ELKINS | 15 Minutes

Issue 01

It is hard to describe the way everything occurred back then. Most things were rushing and crashing around me. I had moved away from New Orleans less than a year before Hurricane Katrina devastated the first place that felt like home to me. By my second year in New York, all of what I had left behind shifted tremendously. New Orleans was deluged, my grandmother had passed away, and my father called one night from California to tell me he had been sentenced to twenty-seven months in a federal prison for a blue-collar crime. I didn’t pry into knowing too much about it.


Issue 01

I cross the bridge coming from Brooklyn into Manhattan on the B train and I see a colorful jet fly off with fire swirling behind it. I intentionally sit on the side of the train where I will see it and observe how it looks at different velocities. The classic flipbook strategy transformed into public art. The same strategy is used to sell Vermont as a tourist destination on the Boston subway: the moving image of a kayaker paddling on a calm river through the subway window. Very clever indeed. However, while this ad bores me and somehow frustrates me, the launching jet of the B train has a totally different effect on me.

VANÉ RUSSO | Special Violence

Issue 01

In my artwork I try to explore and explode the boundaries between painting and sculpture, figuration and abstraction, western portraiture and African iconography.

I cover carefully manipulated found objects with my own gesture of abstract expressionism. With vibrant color and composition, I paint portraits of those objects, which seem to burst, melt and blur into plastic particulars. For this project, I chose to work with an out-dated, partially torn apart computer.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I was surrounded by the chaos of bidonvilles in constant expansion, dilapidation, and deconstruction.

JING QUEK | Jingapore

Issue 01

Jingapore is a series of work exploring the urban landscape, its architecture, and the relationships between man and structure.

Portraying a state of nudity or partial nudity, Jingapore attempts to negotiate a return to a primal connection between man and that which is manmade, while at the same time testing the boundaries of acceptable social behavior in an urban landscape.

OMAR GAMEZ | Stability. Notes on gravity.

Issue 01

The theory of stability of dynamic systems proposed in 1892 by the Russian mathematician Aleksander Lyapunov covers three states of equilibrium: stable, unstable and asymptotically stable. Any of these three possibilities suggest that the origin, the point at which the body stands independently of external supports, is in fact a solution for equilibrium. The body always achieves balance by locating its own center.

SAM BARZILAY | [these things were transacted] in silence

Issue 01


in silence
dwell in silence. anticipate
die in silence.

silence is repression; Iwazaru, speak no evil.


Issue 01

This account starts on March 16 in the valley of Cuzco, Peru. The small city was dry and exhausting with a piercing sun over arid mountains—it was quiet and clean except for a thick dust that blew in, covering everything at once. Then, moments later the dust blew away, leaving things as they were. On March 17 I began looking for signs of Cuzco's legacy. Before its conquest by the Spanish, Cuzco was home to the Incas. Now it is home to an Andean culture held back by five hundred years of Spanish rule; somewhere the condor and the bull were wrestling for identity.

Letter to the Reader, Issue 1

Issue 01

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