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RICHARD MOSSE, age 30, was born and grew up in Ireland and is now based in New York. He is driven by an ambivalence toward photography and a desire to revisit and even rewrite traumatic cultural histories. Mosse studied at Yale, Goldsmiths and the London Consortium.

Since 2009 he has contributed a column to Visura Magazine titled Via.

Represented by: Jack Shainman Gallery
Editorial Commissions: Institute For Artists Management
Studio: info@richardmosse.com


2010 Whatever Was Splendid, Fotofest 2010 Biennial, Houston

2009 The Fall, solo show at Jack Shainman, New York City, Nov-Dec

2009 End of History, solo show at Eigse Arts Festival, Carlow

2008 Airside, solo show at Jack Shainman, New York City, Nov-Dec

2008 Kilkenny Arts Festival, curated by Hugh Mulholland, 8-17 Aug


2010 Frieze Magazine, ‘Shooting Gallery’ by Christy Lange, issue 132, June-Aug (UK).

2010 Frieze Magazine, ‘Landscapes of Quarantine’ by Geeta Dayal, issue 132, June-Aug (UK).

2010 European Photography, edited by Wendy Watriss and Benjamin Fuglister, issue 87, Summer (Germany).

2010 Contemporary US Photography catalogue for Fotofest 2010 Biennial, co-published by Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam.

2010 Regeneration2 – Tomorrow’s Photographers Today, published by Thames & Hudson.

2010 Artforum, review of ‘Landscapes of Quarantine’ by Ara H Merjian, March (USA).

2010 Art in America, ‘Richard Mosse’ review by Lyra Kilston, March (USA)

2010 Houston Press, ‘America The Dysfunctional’, review by Kelly Klaasmeyer (USA).

2010 Art Review, ‘Richard Mosse, The Fall’, review by Jonathan TD Neil, Jan-Feb (UK)

2010 PDN, ‘Beautiful Disasters’, by Conor Risch, Jan (USA)

Website: www.richardmosse.com | Read Full Biography

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