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Students from the High School of World Cultures in the Bronx took part in a 5 month long program run by the Envision Foundation for Photography and Digital Media.

By recording their everyday life, these teenage artists reflect on the role of self within the core of the family, school and community that they have settled in. Their images explore questions of connection and isolation that arise when making a home in a new country.


Soribel Alvarez
Estephanny Baez
Crissel Concepcion
Zoila Delacruz
Warlis Duverge
Yessica Firpo
Saul Infante
Nerys Jimenez
Geancarlo Jordan
Ramses Marte
Dalia Marte
Yamara Munich
Jorge Pichardo
Nicole Portillo
Genesis Rodriguez

About the Envision Foundation
Dedicated to building future leaders, Envision helps students share their vision and experiences online as well as through exhibitions, events and publications.

The Envision Foundation for Photography and Digital Media is an international non-profit organization that empowers young people to become involved in, and contribute to, their communities and the world through photography and digital media.

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