Editor's note: Visura Magazine was last published in 2013. Visit Visura.co for our latest initiatives.

Visura Magazine (live January 15, 2008) is an online, invitation only publication that features personal projects chosen by the contributing artists themselves. Article text is edited through a collaborative process with the artists. Our goal is to be true to their voice.

Visura Magazine invites one artist from our FotoVisura Community to participate in each issue. Submission are reviewed through our Your View gallery.

Contact Us: inquiries@visuramagazine.com

Editor in Chief & Creative Director: Adriana Teresa Letorney
Website & Design: Graham Letorney

Copy Editor: Tiffany Pfeiffer

Spotlight Editor: Graham Letorney
Spanish Translation: Lyn Domínguez

Published and Produced by FotoVisura Inc.

*Vē-su’-ra: Be seen.

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