Robert, a psychology student, did not attend his morning lectures nor catch the bus to the Jagielonski University in Krakow. He did, however, get up early and take the rubbish out. That was 20th January 1995, when he was 21 ­– since then, nobody has seen him or knows what has happened to him.

Every year the Polish police file 15,000 missing person reports. Every day the faces of missing people gaze out from posters designed to attract our attention, yet with every passing day we notice them less.

JASHIM SALAM | Water World, Bangladesh

In the past few years, climate change has begun to take a major toll on my home city of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Tidal surge – water levels rising significantly above the tide levels that astronomy predicts-has begun to affect the city as much as twice a day, resulting in frequent flooding of residential and business areas.


In the Spring of 2011 I was invited to go on a cruise to the Caribbean on Princess Cruise Lines. As always, I saw this as an opportunity to make pictures. The environment I encountered on the Crown Princess is in many ways artificial and man-made.

BRAD VEST | The Best We Can

Darren and Kim Wilson represent the changing roles of grandparenting in southeast Ohio. Following Kim’s daughter’s drug related custody forfeiture of her two children, Jenna and Ayden, the grandparents find themselves as parents for the second time around. Their decision has them confronting the challenges of raising young children while negotiating the issues around aging and their independence.


The myth of Iperborea tells the story of legendary civilizations collapsed in the cataclysm, known in the various myths of the world as The Flood. As the ones of Atlantis and Uthopia, the myth reminds us of legendary places—a no-man’s land that we are invited to seek and find. It also suggest the dichotomy of the modern man, struggling between desire and civilization.


Ingar Aasen calles himself the Art Ranger and is today an established artist, both in Norway and on the west coast in America. He was born in Fredrikstad, Norway in 1964 and has been living in a communal area called Øra, just outside Fredrikstad City, for the last twenty years.

PAUL SZYNOL | Natale Solum

Natale Solum is a series of photographs about Poland, where I was born and lived as a child, before leaving for New York City.  I returned to Warsaw only some 20 years later.  These photos are about the country I've been discovering since then.

ELLEN WALLENSTEIN | Pocketbook of Drag Queens

The waitresses and performers became friends; they allowed me to photograph them both “on” and “off”. There was mutual trust. As a woman photographing men dressed as women, I was doubly aware of the surrealism involved. It made me question what I used to take for granted, about appearances and what constitutes gender.


Three countries - Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia have all gone through unprecedented political and socioeconomic changes over the past year heralding the beginnings of a new era in their country's history. New hopes and new dreams have interwoven into the daily lives of people. The complex realities on the ground however paint a different picture, where the future still looks murky and uncertain and where the dust hasn't yet settled.

DAVID BACHER | Bei’s Fashion

Making one’s way into the limelight of the fashion industry in Paris has not changed since Coco Chanel sought support from members of the wealthy bourgeoisie at the turn of the 20th century. I took these photos in 2006 at a small, by invitation only, fashion show in the apartment of a well to do French family. The building was located a stone’s throw away from the Champs Elysees.

BESS ADLER | Bodybuilding

In this series, I document a community whose members devote massive energy to strengthening and displaying their bodies. Rigorous and exciting competitions determine who has the most perfect physique. Line up, walk, display, flex, and judge. These men and women march across a well-lit stage, stop midway and expose sculpted bodies, the product of perseverance and hard labor.


Montefiore Children's Hospital, located in the Bronx, hosts an annual prom for their teenage patients every year, offering them a temporary escape from their illness by providing them an opportunity to feel like normal kids for an evening.
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