STATE OF SOUND | Milován Radovic

Issue 13

“Latinoamérica” is a song released in 2011 by the Puerto Rican alternative band, Calle 13. Composed by René Perez (band leader alongside his brother Eduardo Cabra), the song is dedicated to Latin America. In 2011, the song won Record of the Year and Song of the Year in the Latin Grammy Awards. The song reflects on the underlying historical, social, and political themes present throughout Latin America. Throughout their nine year trajectory, the band has won 19 Latin Grammy and 2 Grammy Awards.

STATE OF SOUND | Alma Har’el

Issue 12

[...] The old maps of the entire world, the lust for travel and the beauty of love and getting lost in each other, while we drink and celebrate. Then, of course, is the loneliness and isolation that comes with the endless hunger to be ourselves, take off what binds us to a persona and suddenly release our fantasies so that we can be part of nature and the world.
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