SERENDIPITY | Veronika Marquez

Issue 13

My name is Veronika Marquez and I am an ex-prostitute. This video is my most sincere contribution, gift and offering to the profession of prostitution. In this video, I play Camille, the other “me” who represents my past as a prostitute. I recite a poem written by Jaime Sabines, as an homage to prostitutes who find atonement and convert to saints due to their services rendered. This poem is charged with generosity and virtue, characteristics that I consider to be indispensable to those who work in this profession.

MARNIE ANDREWS | Serendipity

Issue 11

Above my head a hawk dips by the sun Then drops a feather, as if toward my hand, Floating down, I remember that one Spirit, just flown, still sheds her gifts that land So gently on my soul. A woodpecker’s cry Pierces my reverie, reminder of the curtain Death draws down, and memory of her wry Musings, sharp wit, and kind action

ANDREA BRUCE | Serendipity

Issue 11

The Daughters of Iraq are women who have been widowed by the violence in Iraq since 2003. Hired government officials, they provide security at checkpoints and use the income to support their families. In their villages this job is the only socially acceptable way for widows to earn an income, keeping them from prostitution and desperation.

SERENDIPITY | Celebrating One Year of Publishing

MIGUEL ZENON | Serendipity

Issue 05

Featuring Miguel Zenon

ADRIANA TERESA | Serendipity

Issue 01

Featuring a poem by Eladia Blázquez


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