MATT SLABY | Diary of a Photographer

Every so often I find myself with a handful of homeless pictures.  These images come about as a matter of process, pictures made during in between moments when the only compelling reason to press the shutter is to be antithetical to the idea that every photograph encapsulates a completed story.  These pictures are notes, tones, mile markers on the way to destinations, things which have caused me to screech to a halt on the open, empty highway, mistakes, distractions from the main event, and studies in composition that likely have no useful thread outside of being pages in a photographer’s sketchbook.


Ingar Aasen calles himself the Art Ranger and is today an established artist, both in Norway and on the west coast in America. He was born in Fredrikstad, Norway in 1964 and has been living in a communal area called Øra, just outside Fredrikstad City, for the last twenty years.

The Walk Through Museum at the Taste of Rum Festival

The Taste of Rum was conceived and to this day is produced by a young Puerto Rican entrepreneur named Federico José Hernández of FH Enterprise. He invited me to curate the Walk Through Museum, a photography exhibition that traces the history and origin of rum and how the industry has contributed to shaping Puerto Rico's economy. It features a selection of early color images by legendary Ukrainian born photographer Jack Delano taken during the years of 1940-1942, showing the daily life of the sugar cane workers on the island. You will also learn about the origin and mission of the governmental agency, Rums of Puerto Rico, along with the four main Puerto Rican distilleries: Bacardi, Serallés, Trigo and Ron del Barrilito.
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