NOTES FROM JAPAN | Gianni Giosue

Each journey involves traveling in time and space. Moreover each journey originates a journey within ourselves. We meet people, we think about what they say. We consider how life is working and why we exist. I see the crumbs then try to follow and understand them. For me every time I travel my senses are on full alert, I tend to be very receptive and responsive. Every time I have the chance to discover something new about me and others.

Photo Editors Andy Adams & Larissa Leclair on 100 Portraits

Andy: Online publishing and community collaboration are inspiring forces in my photo work and this project is another part of my mission to promote significant artists to a global audience of people who are passionate about photography. Like Flak Photo, I consider 100 Portraits a public art project, so I mounted a complementary digital exhibition so it would be immediately accessible to an international online audience. The community has been amazingly supportive of the project and Larissa and I are sincerely grateful to everyone who mentioned the exhibition in their blogs and on Facebook and Twitter. Since launching last fall 100 Portraits has been viewed by more than 54,000 visitors from 24 countries, which far surpassed my expectations. So, in a way, the project really celebrates the role that the online audience plays in the discovery and dissemination of work produced by photographers in the Internet Era.
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