SUSAN DUCA | Shadow / Light

This work explores the interplay between shadow and light, specifically how people move through each, how situations can take on new forms or meaning, and by playing upon the power of juxtapositions, a creative narrative is developed. While photographing in Italy ten years ago, I couldn’t decide whether to shoot in black and white or color. Ultimately, I chose both–alternating the film each time I reloaded the camera. Over time, I noticed it wasn’t the film I was attracted to but rather towards compositions and subjects hidden in the shadows or exposed to light.

LI WEI | The Earth

I was born in Hohot, Inner Mongolia in 1976. Located on the northern border, Inner Mongolia is the largest grazing region of China. In 1997, I left this area and moved to Beijing to study and later to work. I still have a lot of love and affection for my hometown, which sparked my interest in completing this series.
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