The Azores are an archipelago in the North Atlantic that consists of nine small islands. The smallest, Corvo (Raven), is only 17 km2 and has about 400 inhabitants. The largest is São Miguel (San Miguel), where I was born and where I continue to live and work.

Photographer Raul Canibano Ercilla

Profile by Adriana Teresa Letorney He was born in Havana in 1961, two years after the beginning of the Cuban revolution, and grew up to be a welder working in civil aviation. While on vacation in 1990, Mr. Cañibano visited Cienfuegos — a city in south-central Cuba at the heart of the country’s sugar cane, mango, tobacco and coffee production area — where he had lived as a child.


In the summer of 1999, my older sister Maija was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was only 20 years old. Her prognosis was not good. With the help of different treatments and a strong will, she was able to extend and periodically enjoy her life.  

LIZ DOLES | Pinhole Perspectives

I long to apprehend the world in a single stroke of art. I strive to speak of the numinous manifested in our quotidian reality; to make that unique, idiosyncratic mark which sums up the enormity of reality; to author images equal to the intensity of being alive. I’ve worked in a wide range of media. I’ve chased my vision with techniques and materials that allow for the fortuitous accident. Brush and Chinese ink; paint dripping off the brush and flowing down the canvas—the element of chance in street photography suits me well.
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