LAURA EL-TANTAWY | Unveiling The Veil

Having grown up in a culture that places so much weight on the realities of life rather than the prospect of dreams, photography has become my ultimate companion—my soul mate. With my camera, I can confront the harshness of reality and delve into my own world, a softer edge frame inspired by my vision—my feelings—and always dominated by mystery and dreams.

RUSS MARTIN | The Hosta Project

For many years, my wife and I have taken walks around the campus of Vassar College near our home. On one of these walks, I spotted two small gardens containing plants with large leaves. Later, I was told that they are “Elephant Ear Hostas” since the leaves are so large.  I was immediately attracted to them because of their size and their design potential.

Photographer Jessica Ingram

Five years ago, while wandering around downtown Montgomery, Alabama, I picked up a walking tour trail, and found myself facing a large, ornate fountain, situated on a brick pavilion. A Historical Site sign said that I was standing in the former Court Square Slave Market, where slave traders sold men, women, and children to the highest bidder. It presented cold facts, detailing dollar values for slaves at the time and how none were given last names.

Photographer Mikko Takkunen

I am originally from Finland, but I have been living in the United Kingdom now for nearly eight years having first moved to Scotland in 2002 to study Politics and International Relations in Aberdeen University. I did not pick up a camera until I was 25. I bought my first proper camera just to record hiking trips with my university friends, but soon photography became a passion and by the time I was graduating from Aberdeen University in 2006, I had already decided that I wanted to become a documentary photographer and I ended up enrolling on another university course, this time BA Photojournalism in Swansea Metropolitan University in Wales.

Photographer Michael Itkoff

Often it is easier to leverage an editorial sensibility, to superimpose a cohesive narrative, when shooting a subject with more distance. Personal projects can be more difficult to produce successfully since intimate associations and allusions will not necessarily translate to a viewing audience.

Photographer Hye-Ryoung Min

I was born and raised in Korea. Since I was a kid, photography was always a big part of our family life, and an essential activity not only during family events but also everyday life. All of us were used to taking pictures of each other and also used to being photographed. My family was also put in charge of photographing big events.

KATE ELLIOTT | A Modern Bohemian

Much of my work is preoccupied with a search for identity and an investigation into the breakdown of conventionalized forms of representation. Through the medium of photography I try to deconstruct ways of looking at femininity and masculinity; in the process, I question traditional boundaries of gender identity and the painterly conventions of self-representation. 
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