JESSICA INGRAM | A Civil Rights Memorial

Five years ago, I wandered downtown Montgomery in the sweltering heat, picked up a walking tour trail, and found myself facing a large, ornate fountain situated on a brick pavilion. A “Historical Site” sign said that I was standing in the former Court Square Slave Market, where slave traders sold men, women, and children to the highest bidder. It presented cold hard facts, detailing dollar values for slaves at the time and how none were given last names.

MICHAEL ITKOFF | Between Two Lakes

Ever since I was born, I have lived in many different apartments and houses, but I have returned to the same cabin in the Pocono Lake Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania for over twenty years. I know that cabin and the surrounding landscape better than any other place in the world.

MARTIN REEVES | Hidden Realms

I am a British-born, self-taught fine art photographer and filmmaker. I have spent the last twenty-four years under Asia’s spell taking photographs of lost cites, temples and hill-tribe villages around the region. The photographs above are some of my favourites from this personal project.
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