YAAKOV ISRAEL | The Quest for the Man on the White Donkey

According to the Orthodox Jewish tradition, the Messiah (the Prophet) will arrive on a white donkey.

A few years ago, while photographing near the Dead Sea, a Palestinian man rode past me on a white donkey. I photographed him. After developing the plate, I realized I had encountered my Messiah. It was this chance encounter that inspired this work, The quest for the man on the white donkey.

GEORGE AWDE | Untitled

IN THIS WORK, I explore notions of home, be it the places we were raised or the places we find ourselves now. A home implies something foundational and grounded, but home for many of us becomes something in flux—something related to our current, often transient situations. Through the narrative of homeland, the nostalgia for the places of our youth, or the imagining and longing for the future, home is ultimately an individual struggle to identify a secure and satisfying place in the world.

EVAN ABRAMSON | She-goat, degenerate, fag

This story started as an investigation of the growing problem of child sex tourism and human trafficking in the jungle city of Iquitos. Rober was 16 when I met him last year, living with his parents in a wooden house with a thatched roof on the edge of the city, and selling his body at night dressed as a woman. He and his friends are all she goats—chivas as they call themselves. Degeneradas and mariconas—degenerates and fags. They think, feel, dress, and act as women (or at least as how they fantasize women to think, feel, dress, and act). They are fascinated with their appearances; they stare into the mirror applying makeup, posing, looking, and seeing. They are obsessed.

LARRY FINK | Biography

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