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“Those two little ones will always have a home here, I’ll do everything I can, and if it’s the last thing I do it’s to make sure that they’re always welcome here and have a home to come back to,” — Darren Wilson

Darren and Kim Wilson represent the changing roles of grandparenting in southeast Ohio. Following Kim’s daughter’s drug related custody forfeiture of her two children, Jenna and Ayden, the grandparents find themselves as parents for the second time around. Their decision has them confronting the challenges of raising young children while negotiating the issues around aging and their independence.


  • LEM says:

    Wonderful series of photos…tragic for one family yet we all feel compassionate. So much talk today from some of government doing *too* much…I see here a real need for some official help for these hard-working folks in a terribly tough situation. As a nation we must all take responsibility for trying to make things better for everyone. Thank you for this intimate look and good luck to this family.

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