CHARLES HARBUTT | The Art World Horse Race

Issue 12

The Subcommittee. One of the prices you pay for being a professor at a university is service on committees. But this one turned out to be fun. We decided that the individual is the source of creativity and our report should demonstrate that in form as well as content. So rather than an anonymous and bland group report, we submitted papers prepared and signed by each individual member. This was mine.

DOMINIC BRACCO | Life and Death in the Northern Pass

Sprawled across the tail end of the Rocky Mountains you can find one of most violent cities in the world, Ciudad Juarez, historically known as El Paso del Norte or The Northern Pass. This ongoing project focuses on the residents of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, who are trapped in a war that is as complex as it is horrifying. I grew up in Texas on the Mexico border, and never thought much of the reports of violence.
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